Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome home!

Any AEWE student or leader wanting to share photos of the trip, should bring them to Cristy at the Branch ISD administrative offices, 370 Morse Street in Coldwater by August 16.  If enough photos are received, they will be placed on a CD and copies made for all interested.

Thank you for your participation in the wilderness expedition and plans are ongoing for AEWE 2014!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We are doing great!

I am sorry for not posting as much.  We have limited cell service in Yellowstone.  I keep trying to keep you updated.  Today some stayed to tour Yellowstone,  and another group went to the Tetons. We leave for the backcountry tomorrow... The best part! 

AEWE in the Tetons

Sunday, June 23, 2013

River Mud Monsters

Swimming at the reservation


I told them if they got a picture with the rollerskating waitress I would post it....

Headed to Bear Tooth Pass... (good thing Ryan Sheetz is not here,  it scares him)

Crazy Horse Memorial

Update, Sunday...

Whew! A long day yesterday! Everything went beautifully.  We drove through an impressive lightening storm on the way to our campsite last night.  We timed it perfectly and arrived at our site in the Badlands to set up with no rain.  We woke to clear skies and an amazing sunrise.  The kids had a chance to play around a bit before we packed up and headed to Wall Drug.  We filled our bellies there and are now on the bus heading to catch a view of Mount Rushmore and then stop at the Crazy Horse memorial.
Bill is currently giving the students a short lesson on the Crow Indians of the area.  We are looking forward to being guests on their reservation tonight. 
We are feeling very fortunate.

Good eats this morning at Wall Drug

Ahhh... Coffee


Woot Woot!